The Amazing Bichon Frise Dog – Everything You Must Know!

Maybe you just simply want to have your Bichon trained a bit better. A dog that pees inside, chews everything in sight, "pulls" on a lead, jumps up on guests and barks too much, can take some of the fun out of owning a dog can’t it?

And you know a Bichon can easily be trained when you know how! If some of this describes you and you would like a healthy, happy, well trained Bichon that brings years of enjoyment for you and the family that doesn’t end up costing you a small fortune please read on.

I really get frustrated seeing Bichon owners ending up with big disappointments just because they didn’t have the right information at hand. There is a better way. This is what happened to me. I remember the first Bichon Frise we bought , Shani. She was a pure bred 7 week old female. Her favorite sleeping place used to be in one of my husband’s old leather shoes. I didn’t know then what questions to ask the breeder or what to look for when we went shopping for her. To cut a long story short we spent over $2700 on Shani over the first 2 years for 2 knee repairs and countless visits to the vet for on going allergy problems. If only I had known then what I know today about a Bichon’s diet, exercise and general needs we wouldn’t have had to fork out all that money. and go through that stress. I guess in a way its a bit like buying a car.

If you don’t know what to look for can easily end up with a car that is not really in good condition. Bichons generally are a very healthy, sturdy dog but like any breed have weaknesses to watch…

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